Monday, November 5, 2018

Update depot and new updating calculations on sheet

Hi all,

exciting times on the stock market but i love it when everyone is scared and prices drops.
I used this to increase my position on the DAX the prices are underrated in my eyes.
Its always a risk but normaly it pays of for my.
I also increased the monthly saving rates for my ETFs to use the low prices.

new updating calculations on sheet

Changed some calculations on my live updating Google sheet.
-Result p.a. since 01/2018 is now added and and self updating the value 

For questions feel free to ask

Monday, May 28, 2018

Review Q1 & Q2 2018

Short Update about the past two quarters

A lot of changes:
I sold Phillips 66 in total with 23% profit (i know to early but you never hit the perfect time).

As posted before changend my saving plans to Lyxor.
I also increased the amount of them because of a salary raise.

I stopped 2 saving plans MSCI World Consumer / MSCI World Healthcare because of bad performance and high cost.

Actual Performance from the past two quarters is about 11.4% one reason is the Exchange rate from the US Dollar to the €.
The Whole Depot is approx. 16% in Plus.
I am very happy about the performance and keep going.

You can watch the share depot live updating here.
Live Updating share depot

Saving plan
Name  / Amount
MSCI World ETF 750€/month
MSCI India ETF 100€/month
MSCI Euro Stoxx600 250€/month

Saving Cash
Something from selling Philips 66 and dividends to buy some extra shares MSCI World ETF when market drops a bit


18.04.2018 Eurostoxx Select Dividend 87.48€
30.04.2018 Munich Re ->172€

Capital accumulation benefits
40€ per months it´s round about 1200€ in total at the moment its a MSCI World ETF

Monday, January 1, 2018

Review 2017

Honestly i first start tracking the saving plan for this year, next half year overview then is complete with all older positions.

With the Saving plans i get a yield from aprox 5%/year its a good value but pretty low for the record year.
The reason for the "poor" performance is that the biggest stock are in USD Dollar and shown in €.
All in all for a good year.
I keep going with my savings only changes the ETF´s from Comstage to Lyxor simple reason the promotion from my broker for Comstage ends.

 The whole Depot is now 15% plus.

And Ive done my first Crypto "Invest" in Verge XVG. It was not that easy to get it like a stock and its very bumpy but interesting an I've learend a lot.

Hope you all had a Good Start into the new Year
Happy Investing in 2018

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Half year Update

Hello Together,

i want to give you a short update whats going on in the last 6 months.
As you see it´s very boring only to have saving plans but the time is your friend and bring you the money.

Saving plan
Name / Count / Amount / Performance
 MSCI World ETF / 65,8 Shares / 3000€ / +9% the wohle position

Saving Cash
nothing because of buying a house and do a lot of reconstruction work

14.12.2016 DEKA Dax ETF ->6€
01.03.2017 Phillips66 ->7,60€
04.04.2017 Eurostoxx Select Dividend ->30 59,68€
02.05.2017 Munich Re ->172€

Move to a own house and save now the rent (Ok now paying the bank ;-))

Upcoming Saving plans
Eurostoxx 600 ETF 100€

Saving money for defense ETF
Saving Dividends

Robo advisior
Small Amount by Cashboard not that convinced that i can recommend it but gives me a free depot where i can do my capital accumulation benefits

Capital accumulation benefits
I have a capital accumulation benefits here in Germany my employer pays me 20€ i put 20€ on top and buy every month a MSCI World ETF.
(This Saving plan ist actual not in the Live updating Google Spreadsheet)

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Difference manged Fond and ETF

I want to give s short overview about Advantages from ETF´s


Cost: approximately 02-0,8%

Diversification: for example MSCI WORLD ETF 1600 company's in one ETF

Saving plan: you can easily install a saving plan you can start with 25€
Fee: A lot of the saving plans are free from a fee

Huge selection with different sectors: you can combine different Sectors very easy with ETF and lower the risk instead of buying single company´s shares

Growth: It depends on the ETF when you buy an index ETF its´approximately the same growth and over the years nothing beats the index

Tax advantages: You can buy synthetic ETF instead of replicated here dividends are different taxed (in Germany)

Risk: It depends on the ETF but by an Index ETF you have a huge diversification but also the MSCI World Looses up to 50% in the worst crisis.

Managed Fond:

Cost: approximately 2,5-6%

Fee: approximately 1-3%

Growth: nothing beats the index over the time some years could be better by a managed fond but you always have Fee and cost up to 7-9% which goes to the provider

Risk: It depends on the Fond Manager and on the number/diversification from the shares which are in this Managed Fond its possible that you can Loose up to 90%