Real Estate Investment

 Hi All, long time no see! hope all of you are healthy and had a great new year eve As you may noticed i hit the 100k€ value in my Account, great success for me. I made a small Adjustment in my Account i switched to a new MSCI World ETF from xtrackers due to the lower fee (0.19%) and increased the amount back to 1400€/month. And i did to two bigger steps to reach financial freedom soon 1) I changed my employer and got a salary increase not that big but approx 7% With my new employer i joined a retirement plan which i pay 350€ before tax and my employer add another 150€, they guaranteed 3% annual yield. I Did this because in total this is a approx 6% guaranteed yield for my retirement and i am able to receive first payment at the age of 60 years. 2) I bought one Flat with garage for rent. Yes this was a bigger investment on the first view, but i only pay the additional purchase costs its a 100% credit and i only pay off 2%/year So in my opinion its gifted money with a bit work  in the b

Is it a V?

Hey all, just want to give you a short update and share some thoughts. Right now the market recovered a bit and settled down volatility decreases. All extra buys are now in plus and everything looks fine so far but i dont´trust the silence ;) So i decided to clean some old stocks which i bought in the beginning to generate some cash and have a clean depot. I still got a good price and now i am prepared for possible new crashs. Saving Plan adjustment I also decrease again the saving plan back to 1300€ to increase again the cash level a bit. And now i have only a saving plan with the MSCI World. I am convinced this is enough and it shows a stable performance (still boring but stable) So stay save and try to calm down in market crash not sell your stocks see it as a chance to collect cheap. I think the last couple weeks showed again there is no way without stock even in such situations.

Panic in the market

Hello togehter, may some of you have noticed stock market is in panic ;) Reason is well known the Coronavirus and the concern of a worldwide Pandemic. A lot of companies have worldwide supply chains which are now in danger. The Fed lower the yield instantly to calm down the market but it helped only for a couple hours. In this situation i increased my monthly saving plan to 2000€/month because share prices are now low again. Honestly i don't know if this is the bottom but i am planning to buy some extra shares and stay with the increased saving plan until things settle down. I am still convinced that the world economy is strong and shares will pay off in the long run. And YES it hurts to see the drop of my current depot. Stay Calm and buy the dip :-)

Update Depot 2019 / Asset management company

Interesting year for the stock market a lot of uncertainties caused for example by the US chinese trade war and also the Brexit. I followed my saving plans during the complete year and bought some extra stocks end of 2018 during the market drop. I added my employer saving plan and the depot which is located in Singapur. Right now the saving plans are running very nice and the anual return is close 10% and the total profit hits 10k€. At the moment mainly i try to figure out if its worth to fund a asset management company for tax reasons and easier handling for foreigner depots. Right now i think the management cost for the company is to high and the advantage to less for the amount in the Depot. Did any one have experience with German asset management company rules? So you see another boring year no high potential stocks with an increase of 300% but a steady stabil growth. I am totally convinced that stock picking is a lottery without having very deep knowledge about the spe

Opening brokerage and cash account in Singapore for foreigners

Opening brokerage and cash account in Singapore for foreigners  I started to evaluate where i could open a second broker account to deposit money. Reason is not to have all savings in one country, call me paranoid or whatever ;) And Singapore was perfect for me strong economy, high legal saftey and big banking sector. We where in Singapore for vacation and i checked if i could open a bank account but its not possible anymore for non residents. After i was back home i searched for possibilities and i found one vendor which offer a broker account including multi currency cash account. After sending a copy of my passport and a actual invoice from my energy provider i received the activation code via mail. On the webpage is written the account for foreigners is opend in Hongkong or India but i dont see any difference or note that it is like this. I can trade now shares in Singapore Dollar on the SGX or in US Dollar on

Update saving plans

I have made some changes in the saving plans. When you compare the performance from my Lyx Euro stoxx 600 and MSCI World there is a difference from 3% in one year. So i decided to buy a new ETF MSCI World All Country here the emerging markets are included. We will se if the performance here is more convincing. I also bought some stocks in the dip last year in december which pays off now. Its always hard to buy, an see its dropping down more but usually the market always turn back after a while. Now the anual return is by approx. 7% since 2015 which is great and proofs the long term passive ETF strategy and buy the dip is working. I only have to be used to learn to stay relaxed whe the stock portfolio is wanking about 1000€ a day down or up. All updates new buys and acutal worth of the stock portfolio can be watched in the Live updating Google Sheet its under the Investment tab.

Update depot and new updating calculations on sheet

Hi all, exciting times on the stock market but i love it when everyone is scared and prices drops. I used this to increase my position on the DAX the prices are underrated in my eyes. Its always a risk but normaly it pays of for me. I also increased the monthly saving rates for my ETFs to use the low prices. new updating calculations on sheet Changed some calculations on my live updating Google sheet. -Result p.a. since 01/2018 is now added and and self updating the value  For questions feel free to ask