Monday, January 1, 2018

Review 2017

Honestly i first start tracking the saving plan for this year, next half year overview then is complete with all older positions. With the Saving plans i get a yield from aprox 5%/year its a good value but pretty low for the record year. The reason for the "poor" performance is that the biggest stock are in USD Dollar and shown in €. All in all for me a good year. I keep going with my savings only changes the ETF´s from Comstage to Lyxor simple reason the promotion from my broker for Comstage ends. The whole Depot is now 15% plus. And Ive done my first Crypto "Invest" in Verge XVG. It was not that easy to get it like a stock and its very bumpy but interesting an I've learend a lot. Hope you all had a Good Start into the new Year Happy Investing in 2018

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Half year Update

Hello Together,

i want to give you a short update whats going on in the last 6 months.
As you see it´s very boring only to have saving plans but the time is your friend and bring you the money.

Saving plan
Name / Count / Amount / Performance
 MSCI World ETF / 65,8 Shares / 3000€ / +9% the wohle position

Saving Cash
nothing because of buying a house and do a lot of reconstruction work

14.12.2016 DEKA Dax ETF ->6€
01.03.2017 Phillips66 ->7,60€
04.04.2017 Eurostoxx Select Dividend ->30 59,68€
02.05.2017 Munich Re ->172€

Move to a own house and save now the rent (Ok now paying the bank ;-))

Upcoming Saving plans
Eurostoxx 600 ETF 100€

Saving money for defense ETF
Saving Dividends

Robo advisior
Small Amount by Cashboard not that convinced that i can recommend it but gives me a free depot where i can do my capital accumulation benefits

Capital accumulation benefits
I have a capital accumulation benefits here in Germany my employer pays me 20€ i put 20€ on top and buy every month a MSCI World ETF.
(This Saving plan ist actual not in the Live updating Google Spreadsheet)

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Difference manged Fond and ETF

I want to give s short overview about Advantages from ETF´s


Cost: approximately 02-0,8%

Diversification: for example MSCI WORLD ETF 1600 company's in one ETF

Saving plan: you can easily install a saving plan you can start with 25€
Fee: A lot of the saving plans are free from a fee

Huge selection with different sectors: you can combine different Sectors very easy with ETF and lower the risk instead of buying single company´s shares

Growth: It depends on the ETF when you buy an index ETF its´approximately the same growth and over the years nothing beats the index

Tax advantages: You can buy synthetic ETF instead of replicated here dividends are different taxed (in Germany)

Risk: It depends on the ETF but by an Index ETF you have a huge diversification but also the MSCI World Looses up to 50% in the worst crisis.

Managed Fond:

Cost: approximately 2,5-6%

Fee: approximately 1-3%

Growth: nothing beats the index over the time some years could be better by a managed fond but you always have Fee and cost up to 7-9% which goes to the provider

Risk: It depends on the Fond Manager and on the number/diversification from the shares which are in this Managed Fond its possible that you can Loose up to 90%

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Reducing cost insurance/gas/electricity

Reducing cost is one of the most effective things to generate free money to invest.
For me it´s every year like a game to find new, cheaper offers or new customer offers.

For me it makes every year up to 700€ only for the new customer Bonus and takes me only 30 minutes!

Here its sometimes a bit tricky because you can not change a live insurance easy.
Here i only check my health insurance and my liability insurance
In case of Car insurance check these because here you can safe a lot of money!

It sounds stupid but i quit every year my gas contract to change to another provider.
Here i get the same price or cheaper and mostly a few hundred euro new customer bonus.
It takes me 5 minutes over a comparison site for example in germany

its the same easy process like gas. :-)

Cable TV/Internet:
I have a 2 year contract where i have the first year new customer conditions and then i must pay 60% more.
So i quit every year and the cable provider contact me to make me an offer not to quit.
The offer was since 5 years still the same:
new 2 year contract with first 12 months new customer conditions and then 60% more the good thing is it starts immediately an cancels the old contract after a year so i have every time the new customer conditions.

Public transportation:
I have a work journey from approximately 11 km (nearly 7 miles for our american friends).
With public transportation nearly one our for one way and i have to spend money for a monthly ticket (that was cheaper as to buy every day one)
After one year i was so fucked up to run every time to next bus or subway an sit in a full room with stinky people that i search for a opportunity.
First i look for a car but for only 22 km per day to expensive and stupid to stuck than in the traffic jam instead of the public transportation.
So i buy an E-Bike best decision every made!
now it takes me 30 minutes to work no need to rush to get the bus or something else.
After 18 months the bike safes me money because i don´t need a public transportation ticket.
But the best is the one hour saving every day.
And i do something sport the bikes don´t drive alone the engine support only that much you kick in the pedals.
Now the bike saves me 700€ per year and 250 Hours work journey.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Airospace & Defense ETF

Hello togehter,

i consider to buy a Defense ETF but my problem is there are not much opportunities on the market.
I found one iShares Tr.-DJ US Aerosp.&Def. US4642887602 but i cant buy it on a german marketplace.

Any recommandation or experience with that topic?